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About Us

EARN SOL WITH NOAH! Noah's Ark NFT HODL’ers will have multiple avenues to earn SOL as we grow and evolve. Holders will first be rewarded in SOL from all post-mint market sales & secondly from our VC Investment Firm (Third Coast Ventures LLC). Third Coast Ventures allows us to scale up & leverage our community backing to invest in upcoming projects while also offering reward allocation to all Noah NFT holders. JOIN US ON THE SOLANA SEA! THE GREAT FLOOD IS COMING!

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Presale Mint: May 23, 2022
Public Mint: May 23, 2022

WL Price: 0.7 SOL
Bulldog Billionaire WL Price: 0.9 SOL
WL2 Price: 1 SOL/Guaranteed Mint
Public Price: 1 SOL

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Minting Rewards

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* SOL GOD (Noah #1) = Trip to Miami for you and a guest (airfare and Yacht paid for. More details to come).

Noah #2 = Xbox Series X.

Noah #3 = Play Station 5.

Noah #4 = 5 SOL.

Noah #5 = 55in Samsung LED TV.

* 1 Random Minter will also win the Miami trip for them and a guest, with airfare and Yacht paid for.

* Top NFT Holder on June 1st will also receive a Miami yacht trip.

2 Random Minters will be chosen to win 1 SOL each.

* Contingent on sell out

The Story of Noah

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After preaching for many months The Great Flood is quickly approaching. Noah is putting the finishing touches on the Ark. Desperate for help, and out of ideas he has turned to the Solana Blockchain. In order to save all of the animals, he needs your help to get them onboard. Can you do your part and help Noah get all the animals on the ark, and save all the species of the earth? Every animal minted gets a spot onboard. Please help! THE GREAT FLOOD IS COMING!

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Meet Our Team

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Mark S

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Stew W

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Brian S.


Frequently Asked Questions

May 23rd, 2022. WL1 will begin at 11:00am EST.


Whitelist 0.7 SOL, Public 1 SOL


We have been approved to be listed on both MagicEden and OpenSea.

There will be a 10% royalty on all secondary sales.

70% of Royalty will be redistributed to the holders in SOL. 20% will be donated to areas affected by natural disasters, and the last 10% will be used to pay the team and reinvest in to the project.

Noah, Lions, Goats, Elephants, Rhinos, and Giraffes.